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A bit about my teaching

I aim to foster a classroom environment wherein students are active participants in rigorous, critical, but mutually supportive dialogues about topics of philosophical interest. By framing my courses in terms of the cultivation of dialogical virtues, I encourage students to see education as more than a means to a promising financial future - instead it is a way to become a more thoughtful interlocutor, a better reasoner, and a more intentional learner. 

What I'm Teaching this Semester (Winter 2024)


Logic Primer

I wrote this little primer on logic and argument evaluation. If you're looking for a quick overview of the (very) basics of philosophical logic and argument evaluation, then this is for you. 

The Lyceum Programs

Iowa Lyceum Logo

I believe that a philosophical is too important to wait until, and reserved for those who have the means to attend, college. With the hope of helping to expand access to philosophy I co-founded the Iowa and Utah Lyceum Programs. The Lyceum is a non-residential philosophy summer-camp for middle and high school students. Always free of charge to participants, the Lyceum provides students with philosophical texts, lunch, and instruction in philosophy, logic, and more. 

The Lyceums' success has led to other similar programs being created all of the United States including:

Western Michigan University

California Lutheran University

Western Kentucky University

Utah Lyceum Logo
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